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10 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

They say “cash is king,” and owning a home will most likely be your biggest lifetime investment. Therefore, having a plan to not only maintain your home, but also to increase its value should be a top priority. Whether you have recently moved in or have been in your home for a while, following these tips will increase your net worth!

  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint – Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home creates the feeling of “New” to the buyer; it adds a fresh smell and clean look. Also, choosing a neutral color like Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige will appeal to a broader buyer audience. Don’t forget to paint all trim and doors as well. You are enhancing the value of your home by making it look clean and updated!
  2. Fix All Repairs – First of all, consider hiring an inspector to help discover hidden problems. Remember that not all repairs are cosmetic. Problems with roofs, siding, inspecting for termites, and hidden leaks are just some of the issues to keep an eye out for. When a buyer sees a repair that needs to be made, their imagination and emotions get the best of them on what else could be wrong. The image of a well maintained home that is move-in ready is of immeasurable value to a buyer.
  3. Replace Carpet – Replacing old, worn, and dusty carpets with new ones or wood floors improves air quality and creates an updated, modern look. Make sure to replace the padding, too. The padding is where most of the old odors linger. According to HGTV “small repairs really pay off.” Check out the HGTV blog for more helpful tips.
  4. Enhance the Bathroom – If you don’t have the money to make large bathroom upgrades such as replacing toilets and showers,consider painting the cabinets and installing new hardware. Removing old wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint is another inexpensive way to enhance the look. Finally, replacing light fixtures and towel rods can be very reasonable as well.
  5. Enhance the Rest –  Don’t stop with the bathroom! There is also the all-important kitchen to consider. Updating the kitchen cabinets with a modern paint color and new hardware and replacing the countertop will add tremendous value to your home. Like the bathrooms, you should also consider updating the kitchen light fixtures and paint.
  6. Low Maintenance Landscaping – Planting trees and shrubs along with perennial flowers adds valuable curb appeal and is great for the environment! During the selling period, keep flowers pruned and shrubs manicured. According to NAR’s 2016 Remodeling Impact Report: “… outdoor projects…will increase the curb appeal for potential buyers and put money back in your pocket.”
  7. Ongoing Maintenance – Getting a home ready to sell and keeping it maintained during the selling period can be daunting. Consider hiring a handyman to maintain the property if you are too busy or just don’t enjoy the work. Remember, money invested is money gained on the sale.
  8. Consider sprucing up your ceiling – Did you know that 1/6 of every room is the ceiling? Consider installing a molding or box beam to add interest and value there. The room will appear grander and more architecturally interesting. Like the rest of the room, freshly painted ceilings can also add eye appeal.
  9. Create a Welcoming Entrance – The first feature every buyer sees is the front door.Therefore, your front door should complement your home’s overall design. Replacing an old outdated door immediately enhances curb appeal and value. Check out a nearby home improvement store for deals and steals.
  10. Good Lighting is good design- Hiring a skilled electrician to add lighting to rooms in strategic placement will enhance ambiance and value. In fact, adding lights to a room makes it look larger and cozier. Also, dimmers are an inexpensive way to create mood and function.

In essence, home ownership is a privileged investment, and when you protect the security and comfort of a home by maintaining and improving the structure, you also protect those who live within it.

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth …both financial affluence and emotional security.” – Susie Orman

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