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This article is a guest post by Eugene Williams of Eugene’s love for DIY started out as a hobby and over the years he’s become an experienced professional. Please visit his site to find out more!

When it comes to selling your house, appearances are everything. Buyers want a home that’s attractive, contemporary, and move-in ready, but too often homeowners don’t think about their home’s appearance until they’re ready to list. However, DIY home renovations can add major appeal to your home without breaking your budget. Here are the top five DIY renovations to help sell your home.

1. Kitchen Update

Have you heard that it’s the kitchen that sells the house? The reason this saying is so popular in the world of real estate is because it’s true. Make sure your kitchen lands in potential buyers’ pro columns by updating it with a modern look before you list your home. While you could spring for a complete overhaul and spend upwards of $20,000, according to HGTV a full kitchen remodel recoups only 91 percent of its cost — and when you’re getting ready to sell, even 9 percent is a hit you don’t want to take. When you opt for a minor kitchen remodel instead, you improve your chances of a quick sale while still recouping 98.5 percent of your investment. For a minor remodel, take a look at your cabinets, countertops, hardware, and appliances.

2. Bathroom Refresh

Instead of completely redoing your bathroom, consider giving it a facelift. Changing drawer pulls and faucet hardware is easy, cheap, and can add a touch of modern sophistication to an older bathroom. With a little more elbow grease, you can retile the floor, paint the walls a new color, and recaulk the bathtub. As long as you’re not moving their location, it’s even possible to replace toilets, bathtubs, and vanities on your own. However, if you’re sticking to a budget, focus on small changes that carry a big impact.

3. Landscaping Overhaul

If your house lacks curb appeal, buyers may never make it inside to be wowed by your contemporary kitchen and stylish bathroom. Make sure your lawn isn’t tanking sales before they start by updating your landscaping before you sell. In the Indianapolis area, to trim overgrown shrubs and trees, resod patchy areas of lawn, and apply fresh mulch, HomeAdvisor estimates a cost range of $43 – $169. After you’ve taken care of the basics, turn your eye to larger projects like replacing a cracked walkway or installing a raised bed of perennials along the foundation wall.

4. Exterior Upgrade

Landscaping alone isn’t enough for great curb appeal. First impressions are everything, so make sure your house stands out from the rest of the neighborhood by replacing weather-worn front doors, mailboxes, and house numbers. A dingy front porch light is easily replaced with a chic pendant light and porch furniture given new life with a fresh coat of paint and colorful throw pillows. If your home’s exterior requires significant work, like replacing a garage door or resurfacing a cracked and chipped driveway, you’ll need to recruit professional help.

5. Flooring Swap

According to MarketWatch, buyers prefer hardwood flooring over wall-to-wall carpet. Not only is hardwood easier to clean, but it also gives a more luxurious feeling to a room — and when it comes to boosting your home’s value, luxurious is an adjective to aspire to. If your home has wall-to-wall carpeting, especially if it’s faded or stained, consider removing it and installing hardwood, engineered wood, or laminate flooring instead. If you’re lucky, your carpet might be hiding existing hardwood floors that only need to be refinished.

While you can do many of these updates on your own, not every home renovation makes a good DIY project. If your project includes electrical or plumbing work or involves structural changes to your home, it’s important to hire a professional. Not only are these tasks dangerous to do on your own, both for personal safety and your home’s value, but they also frequently require permits.

There’s a lot you can do to add appeal and value to your home without spending money on professional remodeling. When you’re thinking about selling, tap into your creative side to bring new life to your home without sacrificing your budget.

Looking into selling your home? My eye for design can help you sell your home faster by staging the home for market in a way that inspires buyers to make an offer. Contact me today and let’s see how we can work together to sell your home.

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